Is Writing A Hobby Or A Job?

What defines the boundary between hobby and work? Truth to be told, that is a personal question that only you can decide. A job/career is meant to bring income to an individual through an expressed means of how you are meant to spend your time. Well, any one can get paid to write in today’s technological world. But is that the only requirement to be considered working?

Working on a project (or hobby) can be just as time-consuming and tedious as any accounting or construction career. To write a novel, the author will outline a series of possible events and construct them in a probable and engaging manner, create timelines and character sheets, manage multiple Points of View if needed, all on top of the physical act of pen to paper (or typing) to describe a world that used to only be in that writers’ head. The amount of time spent on just writing can be a full-time job without ever seeing a cent returned until after they spend hundreds-thousands of dollars to make the book a reality in the first place. It is hard to be a novelist. To write without knowing how a piece may be received. So yes, writing as a hobby is definitely a job, but what about the bills?

Since the explosion of the internet, Freelance Writing/Editing has been booming. Some people are just talented with their native language to make the words dance off the page and that skill is deeply coveted. Whether it comes naturally to you or there were years that you spent learning the craft, money can definitely be made. Hours upon hours are spent dividing yourself among the projects that were taken on, just like a normal 9-5 job. Except for one, big difference. You are paid by project more of the time than not. These jobs can take many more hours than a standard workplace allows, but that also means there is much more potential. Being a good multi-tasker is key to success as a Freelancer.

Regardless of if you are being paid for it now or down the road, or even just as a way to get it off your mind, writing is definitely a job whether it starts as a hobby or not. Our potential is not found in the words we write but rather our determination to make them better.

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