Blood Bound

(Five Books to Come)

Annabeth Black, nineteen and Heir to the Western Wolf Pack, bites off more than she can chew when she saves humans that she believes to be Chosen and force them to save those she loves from the coming war. One is destined to be in her pack, save the territories from damnation, and unite the species. The other is sour, course, and oddly familiar as Annabeth fights her feelings out of respect for a lost first love. Rhydian Black, her younger brother and future General to the Wolf Armies, works in secret toward his own agendas, but to what end? Can they change what has been set in motion decades ago?

In the shadow of death

(Three Part Short-Stories)

Beaten and hopeless, Vana fears for her life as she leaves her abusers with her newly bonded Amorah, a shape-shifter named Salem. But even with their souls twined in fate, can Vana let go of her past and the hatred she holds in her heart? Can she resist the Dark Lord that seeks to destroy the last rays of light that lies within her? Will the kingdom endure the coming storm that is destined to tear apart worlds? It all resides in Vana’s grasp…

Sea dogs

(Single Short-Story and Prequel to Blood Bound)

A single rejection turns Renier’s life upside down as he is turned into the first werewolf and enslaved to a pirateering Warlock. A wolf during the day and a man at night, Renier plots to regain his freedom and achieve his revenge against his enslaver; but the plan goes awry as new werewolves arrive and complicate his loyalties. Is it a trick that his master would gift him with a pack, or is it a genuine gesture for his misdeeds?